joyce keokham is a writer, actor, director, (film + event) producer, casting director, and poet best described as a professional friend. They enjoy actualizing stories and experiences rooted in community and radical self-love. ︎

Currently, they are writing their debut book of prose.

For film projects, joyce is interested in assignments in Casting & Street Casting. For acting and modeling opportunities, please inquire.

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Joyce’s directorial debut WYA WYD “Where You At? What You Doin?” is a recipient of the NYC Women’s Fund for Media, Music, and Theatre 2020. The show, inspired by Joyce’s socioeconomic background, went on to win the B Young and Spirit and Being awards from BRIC Arts Media’s Free Speech Award in 2021.

As an actor, they have starred in short films including Shade and Honey, More Happiness, Denture Adventure, @lil_wheelie • 3d ago, and more.

These films have screened at Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival, New Directors/New Films, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Vienna Shorts, Locarno Film Festival, NewFest, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, and more.

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photo by William Wu