Joyce Keokham is an actor, writer, director, and poet best described as a storyteller based on earth. They enjoy actualizing stories that are rooted in community and radical self-love. Their mom once described them as a love messenger; Joyce hopes to live up to this.

Their directorial debut WYA WYD “Where You At? What You Doin?” is a recipient of the NYC Women’s Fund for Media, Music, and Theatre 2020. The show, inspired by Joyce’s socioeconomic circumstances, went on to win the B Young and Spirit and Being awards from BRIC Arts Media’s Free Speech Award in 2021.

Joyce’s work as an actor includes titles Shade and Honey, More Happiness, Denture Adventure, @lil_wheelie • 3d ago, and more.

These projects have showcased at Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival,, New Directors/New Films, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Vienna Shorts, Locarno Film Festival, NewFest, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and more.

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photo by William Wu